Performance sonore et visuelle de  Cleo T. 

Pour 3 musiciens & 1 scénographie digitale

Direction : Clémence Léauté

Scénographie interactive : Maflohé Passedouet - Cie Mobilis Immobilis 

Musique : Cleo T. & Valentin Mussou 

Textes : René Daumal, Les dernières paroles du Poète

            Maïakovski , Poèmes

            Frida Khalo, Lettres 

            Plotin, Ennéades

            Pasolini, La Rabbia

En résidence de création - MJC De la Vallée , Chaville - France ( 09.16)

En résidence de création - BASE, Milan - Italie ( 03.17)
Avec le soutien de :

Fundazione Nuovi Mecenati , Roma
Institut Français, Paris - Sacem - FCM - Adami - Spedidam


LP 2017 (Moonflowers / Believe)
AmillionSkies6D - copie.jpeg

Spreading its radiant pop , “And Then I Saw A Million Skies Ahead” is much more than music. Eleven post-modern ballads form this synesthetic opera, mixing gospel and songwriting, electronica and world instruments . Conceived as a contemporary Art-Project, the experience involves poetry and dance, video and digital arts  : He who seeks Beauty will find it. 

Eleven brilliant compositions unfold an instrumental and baroque pop. Each title offers a unique collaboration: Palestinian oud player Adnan Joubran, indian musician Prabhu Edouard's tablas, Valentin Mussou's classical cellos, Tomàs Gubitsch's Argentine tango guitars and Elyas Khan's urban ragas. All brought together under the spell of minimal electro from Berlin producer Rodion. Gold lining guiding us though this ride across dark night and starry sky, the initiatory vocals of Cleo T. reveal a contemporary diva, carrying a poetic and luminous universe. Gospel and Balkan music, neo-soul and electronica: Cleo T.'s songwriting is inspired by the vibrations of the world. 


2017 / 18 

Paris (FR) - Le Silencio

Paris (FR) - Ground Control

Florence (IT) - Bed Talks at student Hotel 

Turin ( IT) - Condominio Museo - Open House Torino

Berlin (DE) - Berghain Kantine /

Naples (IT) – Palazzo Grenoble /
Naples(IT) - Consulat de France / 

Toronto (CA) – Rivoli  / (a Canadian Music Week event) 
Toronto (CA) - The Monarch Tavern (a CMW event) 

Prague (CZ) - Palac Akropolis / 

Belgrade (SE) – KC Grad /

Timisoara (RO) – Daos Club /

Bucharest (RO) – Control Club /

Budapest (H) -A 38 /

London (UK) - Red Gallery /

Roma (IT) – Monk / (Manifesto Festival) 

Leighorn (IT) – Teatro delle Commedie /
Prato (IT) – Museo Pecci per l'Arte Contemporanea / 

Milan (IT) – Base / 


Milan (IT) – Base / 

Montreal (CA)- Casa del Popolo /

Toronto (CA) – Nocturne / 
Toronto (CA) - The Burroughs ( an Indie Week event)

Berlin (DE) – Nhow Hotel /

Paris (FR) – Les Trois Baudets /

London (UK) - Servant Jazz Quartier

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