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Ongoing work 2016/2020 : music x video x installation x performance cycle

@Katka Grunerova

SHINE is a research project started in 2016 in Berlin. Based on thoughts of Pasolini, art historian Georges Didi-Huberman and philosopher Plotino, Cleo T. chose to explore our capacity to generate our own light through art and direct action. The project intended to extand the field of music to performance and cross media object and to promote mobility and cultural exchanges of creators and works across Europe. 

The project gathers musicians and visual artists from France, Palestine, India, Lebanon, Italy, Argentina and Germany.

Events took place from 2016 to 2019 in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Hungary, Tczek Republic, Romania and Canada. 

SHINE includes one record, two videos, an installation and performance cycle. 

Closing those 4 years of research, the final step of the project is happening in 2020/21 with the following:
- Et soudain je vis un millier de ciels au devant - Vinyl release - sound / poetry / soundscapes
- SHINE : ET SOUDAIN JE VIS UN MILLIER DE CIELS AU DEVANT - Show - music / video / poetry  

Check the project under. 
Please go here for the upcoming events. 



Sunlight LullabyCleo T.
00:00 / 01:04
Clémence Léauté_Shine Cleo T._Silencio.j


@Thomy Keat

SHINE is a performance cycle based on the research of Light. Always re-created in situ, the set adapts to the typology of venue and space: museum, theater, nightclub, art gallery. 

The performance invokes everyone's ability to generate its own Light and spread it. Alternately visual poetry, dance theater and digital concert, SHINE opens a dialog between visible and invisible, material and immaterial. 55 minutes to reinvest the 'here and now' moment, in the multiplicity of perceptions: sound, visual, spiritual.

The performers use acoustic, electric and acoustic instruments: cello, guitars, synths to create a cinematic soundscape. Video projectors are used to create an immersive environment. Cleo T. also convokes the words of poets and thinkers, from Vladimir Maïakovski to French poet René Daumal, or Mexican painter Frida Khalo. 

According to the context, Cleo T. invites dancers or actors to invest this moment of creativity, always in flux. American actor and singer Elyas Khan, Australian circus artist Hilton Denis, Italian dancer Leonardo Diana or Chinese musician Eric Wong have been invited for special events in Europe. 

With the support of: 

Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati - Institut Français - Institut Français Italie - Institut Français Roumanie - Sacem - Spedidam - FCM - Adami

Paris (FR) - Le Silencio

Paris (FR) - Ground Control

Florence (IT) - Bed Talks at Student Hotel 

Turin (IT) - Condominio Museo - Open House Torino

Berlin (DE) - Berghain Kantine 

Naples (IT) – Palazzo Grenoble 
Naples (IT) - Consulat de France 

Toronto (CA) – Rivoli  / (a Canadian Music Week event) 
Toronto (CA) - The Monarch Tavern (a CMW event) 

Prague (CZ) - Palac Akropolis 

Belgrade (SE) – KC Grad 

Timisoara (RO) – Daos Club 

Bucharest (RO) – Control Club 

Budapest (H) - A 38 

Londres (UK) - Red Gallery 

Rome (IT) – Monk / (Manifesto Festival) 

Livourne (IT) – Teatro delle Commedie 
Prato (IT) – Museo Pecci per l'Arte Contemporanea 

Milan (IT) – Base 

Montréal (CA) - Casa del Popolo 

Toronto (CA) – Nocturne  
Toronto (CA) - The Burroughs ( an Indie Week event)

Berlin (DE) – Nhow Hotel 

Paris (FR) – Les Trois Baudets 

Londres (UK) - Servant Jazz Quartier

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Along the European journey, SHINE took over different kinds of venues to create unique experiences, among which the ones listed below. 

SHINE at Museo Pecci, Prato (IT)

Installation happened in the exhibition La Fine del Mondo, curated by Fabio Cavallucci. 

SHINE at Ground Control, Paris (FR)

An interactive poetry reading and ambient concert. 1 hour during which the audience was asked to write or draw in notebooks given by the artist. 
Collected material are part of an upcoming project. 

SHINE at Base, Milano (IT)

Audience was invited to join every evening the work in progress, inside the artist's space. 

Clémence Léauté performance Cleo T_


Video poem 00:06:30
Antonio Bacchiddu & Cleo T. 

A video art performance inspired by  Plotino concept of 'inner temple'. The artist embodies the Night in the shape of a Quattrocento bronze. 
At Teatro delle Nuove Commedie, Livorno (IT)

Official music video 
Antonio Bacchiddu  

A futurist reflection about Rinascimento. The scene is staged in a classic architecture with saturated colors. A woman-totem evoking the figure of the night and a man with a horse's head, an inverted image of the ancient centaur, are the actors of this poetic and pictorial metaphor of the birth of light.
At Teatro delle Nuove Commedie, Livorno (IT)


Starting point of the project, the record And Then I Saw A Million Skies Ahead is much more than music. Eleven post-modern ballads form this synesthetic opera, mixing gospel and songwriting, electronica and world instruments. Conceived as a contemporary Art-Project, the experience involves poetry, dance, video and digital arts: He who seeks Beauty will find it. 

Eleven brilliant compositions unfold an instrumental and baroque pop. Each title offers a unique collaboration: Palestinian oud player Adnan Joubran, Indian musician Prabhu Edouard's tablas, Valentin Mussou's classical cellos, Tomàs Gubitsch's Argentina tango guitars and Elyas Khan's urban ragas. All brought together under the spell of minimal electro from Berlin producer Rodion. Gold lining guiding us through this ride across dark night and starry sky, the initiatory vocals of Cleo T. reveal a contemporary diva, carrying a poetic and luminous universe. Gospel and Balkan music, neo-soul and electronica: Cleo T.'s songwriting is inspired by the vibrations of the world. 


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