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Music & multimedia show

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The show is a multimedia experience ,  a dreamlike journey that summons poetry, visual arts and music.  An immersion in the world of dreams, carried by an atmospheric and vibrant pop.


Plunged into darkness, the stage becomes a theater of lights, animated by a digital projection system. The musicians combine reverberated guitars and classical cellos, electro rhythms and poetic recitations. The voice of the chanteuse resonates songs and poems with a vocal lyricism close to Kate Bush or Beth Gibbons. Exploring the fields of the sensitive, the sound score is enriched with fragments of Borges, Pasolini or Tsvetaïeva. The languages meets ,  French, English, Russian or Italian in search of a poetic alchemy, a language of emotion.

An invitation to an inner journey, towards the brightest light.


Written and directed by : Cleo T.

Cello & synths : Valentin Mussou

Guitar : Grégoire Léauté

Digital scenography : Maflohé Passsedouet

Lights : Claire Choffel-Picelli

Sound  : Lenny Szpira
Costum : Atelier Rose Michelle

Photos and Videos trailers by : Yuta Arima


2019/20 - Les 3 Aires / DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine - Département de la Charente

La Palène (Rouillac, 16) - La Canopée (Ruffec, 16) - La Nef (Angoulême, 16) - Théâtre Les Carmes (La Rochefoucauld, 16) 

2017/18 - Fondation Nuovi Mecenati - Sacem - Adami - FCM - Spedidam

Ambassade de France à Rome - Institut Français Italie - Institut Français Paris 

2016/17 - Le Silencio (Paris, 75) - Le Sax (Achères, 91) - MJC de la Vallée (Chaville, 92) - Base (Milan, IT) - Teatro delle Commedie (Livourne, IT) , Centre d'art Contemporain Pecci (Prato, IT)

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SHINE: UN MILLIER DE CIELS is the final step of a four-year cycle of research that began in Italy in 2016 to arrive in France in 2020. The SHINE project encompasses a series of experiences: album, video installation, performance, concert.
Work in progress,  it explored a thousand forms, during performances each time recreated in-situ in spaces with deliberately diverse typologies.


The legendary Berlin club Berghain, the contemporary art center in Florence, a historic theater in Prague or an alternative gallery in Shoreditch: so many different places and audiences to shape a work that aims to be on the edge of a poetic synesthesia, of an alchemy of languages.

 Considered as a poetic labyrinth with multiple accesses, the show is an experience for all audiences and all types of places.

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Florence (IT) - Bedtalks / Turin (IT) - Viadellafucina16 / Rome (IT) - Lanificio / Liverpool (UK) - Invisible Wind Factory / Manchester (UK) - The Castle / Milan (IT) - Base / Montreal (CA) - Casa del PopoloToronto (CA) - Nocturne / Londres (UK) - Servant Jazz Quartier / Berlin (DE) - Berghain Kantine / Naples (IT) - Institut Français /  Toronto (CA) - Canadian Music Week / Prague (CZ) - Palac Akropolis / Belgrade (SE) - KC Grad / Timisoara (RO) Daos Club / Bucarest (RO) - Control Club / Budapest (H) - A 38 / Londres (UK) - Red Gallery / Rome (IT) - Monk / Livourne (IT) Teatro delle Commedie / Prato (IT) - Centre d'art Contemporain Pecci 



Déc. 2016 : Base, Milan (IT) avec le soutien de Fondation Mecenati, Institut Français
Janv. 2017 : Le Sax, Achères (FR) avec le soutien de Sacem, FCM 
Fév. 2017 : Centro Pecci per l'arte contemporaneo, Florence (IT) 




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