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@Vinciane Lebrun

Cleo T. composes dream-like melodies of wild romanticism, inspired by film noir and symbolist poetry. Her sensual and haunting songwriting is carried by a deep emotional voice and a romantic instrumentarium resounding magic pianos, powerful cellos and atmospheric guitars. Her work could be described as a sound and visual poetry experience, with multimedia live shows conceived as imaginary travels.

She is currently working on her third album entitled How Do You Find Your Way in the Dark?. She will also be releasing a sound and poetry recording, featuring alternative ambient versions of the second record. Expected for Spring 2021, the project is called 'Et Soudain je vis un millier de ciels au devant'.

Clémence Léauté artiste Cleo Fabian
Clémence Léauté performance art Cleo T.

@Vinciane Lebrun

@Vinciane Lebrun

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