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A 55 ' piece for amplified piano solo, instrumental vocals & thérémin.

Project under production @Im Traum Records / Budde Music Publishing  
With the support of :  Fondation Martell ( Ateliers du Faire , Cognac) - Les Abattoirs ( Scène de musiques actuelles, Cognac)  

Cleo T. ( composer , vocalist) works somewhere between alternative songwriting, cinematic and post-classical. 
After collaborating with major producers like
John Parish ( PJ Harvey) or Alex Somers ( Sigur Ròs, Julianna Barwick), she composed for contemporary music ensemble like prestigious french Ensemble Ars Nova. 

She develops a singular pianistic sound by amplifying an acoustic piano as a post-rock guitar, with radical use of tape-delays, loops and reverbs. 
Trained as a soprano vocalist, she deploys ethereal chorals in dreamy soundscapes, evoking the sound of the Living surrounding us. 

A haunting and metaphysical journey through the Forest. 



The performance is a solo piano, conceived as a poetical nap, always adapted for a site-specific version. This includes one-shot collaborations with designers / performers ( as in this installation for the Fondation Martell in Cognac) or interactive versions where the audience writes poetry while the artist is playing



A limited edition of an art leporello has been designed with danish artist Anja Madsen-Pernot. 
30 ex on handmade paper ( Le Moulin du Verger, 16 FR)


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